Best Distance Learning Platforms in 2020

//Best Distance Learning Platforms in 2020

Best Distance Learning Platforms in 2020


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Have you ever thought about taking online courses through distance learning platforms? Learning has evolved in the last couple of years and online platforms have become the best way to equip yourself with new skills in no time. Online course industry is growing 5% each year. It is estimated that it will be worth $325 billion by the end of 2025. Over 6 million Americans are pursuing online courses and 68% of them are experienced professionals.  



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Here is the list of best distance learning platforms. 

  • Udemy  is one of the most popular online learning platforms. You can expand your skills in almost any field from business, finance, marketing, Information Technology, design, health & fitness and teaching to any odd field in the world. Udemy provides teachers a platform as well to curate and sell their courses. The platform offers Udemy for Business providing  access to 4000+ online courses for your teams. Enroll today and learn with their risk free 30 day money back guarantee.
  • SkillShare  is another popular e-learning platform where more than 4 million students take advantage of a vast array of content. They have 24,000 courses in various disciplines. Courses have a series of small videos, class projects and a discussion forum for the community to share their learning experience. Their courses range from technology, business, creative arts and lifestyles.
  • PluralSight  is one of the leading distance learning platforms for all your technology skills. They have 7000+ expert lead video courses available for learners from entry-level to experienced professionals. Pluralsight offers 2 plans skills and flow  for your learning preferences. Courses range from IT ops to software development, big data, cybersecurity and so on.
  • Udacity is a major online learning platform that has a mission to power careers through tech education.They are known for introducing the concept of Nanodegree, a short form degree which covers industry specific material. They collaborate with other companies to create curriculum. Courses vary from software development, A.I. and data science. Their approach is different from other distance learning platforms listed here. Udacity offers programs for individuals and enterprises.
  • is another leading distance learning platform owned by LinkedIn. It is geared towards helping you expand your skills and learning. It is offering a lot of video content covering many subjects from web development, business, software programming and much more. has a monthly subscription plan. You can customize playlists to personal skill sets. They also offer a program for businesses where your teams can learn too.
  • Coursera  is a non-profit e-learning initiative, which provides courses from leading universities from all over the world. It enables you to access courses from Ivy League schools like Harvard, Stanford and Cambridge and other institutions without enrolling in it. They provide courses with specializations as well, where you can learn and get a certificate. Coursera also provides resources to upskill your organization. Coursera offers 3900+ courses and specializations, 30+ professional certificates and 20+ degrees and master tracks.
  • Simplilearn is a leading platform for online learning short term training. They offer one million fast tracked career paths. It’s a mix of self paced and instructor led courses.Their courses range from data science, digital marketing, AI, big data, dev ops, cyber security and much more. It is more like an online school as compared to other platforms that offer courses at different costs.

  There is nothing like taking control of your education and studying at your own pace. There are many user friendly distance learning platforms with different features but at the end of the day it comes down to your unique situation and personal learning style . With the current situation of social distancing, this is the time to crank all those courses you have been planning to take for a long time.

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