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Top 5 AI Applications you need to know in 2023

What is Cortana? Microsoft Cortana is a virtual voice assistant inspired by a 26th-century artificial intelligence character of the popular “Halo” video game series. This AI-driven virtual assistant has built-in artificial intelligence which helps Windows 10 users’ requirements and aids to do additional with less energy. Cortana can organize and manage your appointments, meetings, and [...]

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cloud Computing

Finally, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the development of cloud computing have taken place together. AI in the cloud helps accelerate digital transformation in businesses while enhancing cloud performance and efficiency. Cloud computing environments with AI capabilities are essential for increasing flexibility, agility, and cost savings while also enhancing corporate operations' efficiency, strategy, [...]

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5 Top Skills for Freelancers to Learn in 2022

Introduction The world has changed after the Pandemic. Consequently, most of the businesses are transferring online. Companies continue to prefer remote working environments. Meanwhile, the freelance industry is booming with new services and offers. Therefore, if you are looking for a prosperous career; then, you should at least develop a good skill to get started. [...]

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How To Become A Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the way the digital world handles data and conducts business. Initially developed to support Bitcoin, Blockchain is demonstrating a level of versatility and security that has piqued the interest of many sectors of business and government, prompting them to begin putting it to use. With that in mind, [...]

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Automation | What is Automation?

The development and application of technologies to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention is referred to as automation. The use of automation technologies, techniques, and processes improves the efficiency, reliability, and/or speed of many previously performed by humans. Automation is used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, utilities, defense, [...]

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