Digital Documents are Here, Goodbye Paper!

//Digital Documents are Here, Goodbye Paper!

Digital Documents are Here, Goodbye Paper!

As workplaces leave office spaces, important files need to find a new home. File cabinets have become an anchor, halting a company’s ability to set sea and scale into this digitized economy. Digital documents and its counterpart document management systems are growing rapidly. As well as digital and e-signatures, which are intrinsically linked with electronic documents. But all of this change is good, with digital documents we move closer into a more productive, safer, and stress free future.

Digital Documents, What?

Digital documents are the paper documents you are already used to. The only difference is that the documents are stored digitally. Pretty simple right? Digital documents are most often either stored on the cloud, on flash drives or other hardware, or a document management system such as FileBRIDGE.

And Why?

Hopefully this shocks you, researchers from the UK in 2016 found that 57% of office workers spend an hour a day looking for missing documents. That time doesn’t even factor in scanning, printing, signing, faxing, and all the other tasks paper documents demand. Not only can all these extra tasks be demoralizing for a worker, it’s frustrating for an employer. All the wasted time doing meaningless tasks adds up quickly, into a huge liability. Digital documents allow for instant access to vital information securely and instantly, from anywhere, at anytime. So that people can make better decisions quicker and easier, without any hassle.  

Will the Documents be Safe?

A question that always looms in the air when dealing with computers is cybersecurity. And while cyber security is only a potential issue for digital documents and not paper, digital documents are much more secure and reliable. Added with the encryption elements of e-signature platforms, passwords, and digital signatures, digital documents are much safer than paper.

The secret glue, Digital and Electronic Signatures

Without the creation of e-signatures, and digital signaturesdigital documents would not be able to reach it’s full potential. Without the possibility of the verification between transactions and agreements, business would not be able to be conducted wirelessly. The innovations of digital documents and e-signatures are tightly linked, and are both exploding rapidly in popularity. Almost like the two rocket boosters on a space shuttle, shooting up into space together.

The global digital signature market is expected to grow into an almost 24 billion dollar industry by 2030. And the global document management system market is expecting to become a 16 and a half billion dollar industry. Change is coming, and technologies revolutionize even the most basic of processes, such has file storage.

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