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How To Create A Blog On WordPress

It’s estimated that there are around 200 million blogs on internet, and every day more and more people starting their own blogs. A vast majority of them uses WordPress as their blogging platform. allows you to customize your blog/site design, install plug-ins, submit your articles and posts for public. And, what is really important, it’s free (no catch there, it is free because you do all the set-up and hosting yourself).

Today we are going to follow Six Easy Steps to Create a Blog on

Step 1

Get Started

Go to site assume that you already have installed), and click Get Started (we have shown this in the screen shot below).

Step 2

Choose A Home Page Layout

Here you will need to choose a home page layout for your blog.                                                                     There four different options. We have chosen the most common format for a blog: “A list of my latest posts”.

If you are into photography we would recommend “A grid of my latest posts”, and for businesses “Welcome page to my site” or “An online store” are most suitable.

Step 3

Choose A Theme

The visual appearance of your blog is controlled by themes. Some of the themes are free, and some are paid. We always recommend starting with a free theme, and seeing how you like it. Remember, that you always can replace the themes!

After you have found the theme that you like, place a mouse on it, and the Install button will show up. Just click on it. After that the Install button will be replaced with an Activate button. By clicking on it you will activate the theme.

Step 4

Choose a Domain (Blog Address/Blog Name)

This is where you pick your domain name:                                                 Unfortunately, it is not an easy process because most of good unique domain names are already taken. Take your time to find something good and suitable for you (using your own name is always an option).

In our case, since was taken, we will take this one

Step 5

Pick A Plan

Once you have selected your blog name you need to pick a plan that is right for you. You should not use the paid option at the beginning (it does not give you much advantages anyway). On the next screen scroll to the middle part, and click Select Free.


 Step 6

Create Your Account

Last step is where you actually fill out registration/login information. Make sure you log into your email to verify the account. This will activate the blog…

This is what it looks like:


Hint: Make sure you create a strong password. We recommend you to use special characters like: “^^,&,#,)”, and different numbers to protect your blog from those ugly hackers.


Finally, the blog is live, and you are ready for your very first blog post!

(Don’t forget to click the Publish button when you done)


These are the six simple steps to create a blog on WordPress. We hope that you found it easy and helpful.


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