Top 5 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2023

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Top 5 AI Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now widely used in marketing. Companies of all sizes—large and small—use the best AI marketing solutions to promote their brands and businesses.

Using AI-powered marketing tools should be a component of your business strategy if you’re a blogger, e-commerce firm owner, or affiliate marketer. You can use it to run and put together an efficient marketing plan that will help you achieve your goals more quickly.

What is an AI Marketing Tool?

An AI marketing tool is a piece of software or a platform that makes automated decisions using artificial intelligence technology. These decisions are based on data that has been acquired, analyzed, and interpreted in accordance with the market trend. The idea is to create a marketing plan that predicts the next step of the buyer.

All of this occurs in real time, without the assistance of a person. This ability to make automatic decisions at rapid speed is what makes AI marketing solutions for business so powerful.

The 5 Best AI Marketing Tools You Should Be Using Right Now:

Price: Custom Quote

Best Feature:

Ideal for identifying and developing excellent ad copy.

Phrasee is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that focuses on “brand language enhancement.” This AI-powered marketing technology works by enhancing the brand language used by businesses in their marketing materials. Using a natural language production system and a machine learning algorithm, it can generate a copy for emails, Instagram, Facebook, and even push notifications. As a consequence, the copy is human-sounding, brand-compliant, and effective. Its customers include Virgin and Domino’s.

Price: (Monthly) $119 for Pro / $229 for Guru / $499 for Business

Best Feature:

Position tracking allows you to know where you rank for specific keywords.

SEMrush is the SEO equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Its comprehensive suite allows you to do SEO, content marketing campaigns, social media marketing, PPC, analytics, and more. Its position tracker is one of its most powerful features. It allows businesses to track how they rank for keywords in comparison to competitors’ webpages. You may even compare your site to the top 100 in Google’s organic or paid results.

Another outstanding aspect is the Content Marketing Toolkit. It allows users to conduct subject searches to see what’s popular and then construct a content marketing strategy from there.

Lush Cosmetics, a popular ethical skincare business, is one of their clients.

Price: (Monthly) $49 for Basic / $124 for Popular / $299 for Pro

Best Features:

Ideal for developing personalized email outreach. can help you automate your email outreach. This AI technology creates a customized email with a custom subject line to spark clients’ attention. It also generates backlinks, creates Shopify product titles and descriptions, and even conducts customized cold email outreach.

It also supports connectivity with third-party tools and platforms to help you better your cold email outreach process.

Price: Custom Quote

Best Feature:

Scores existing content to ensure that it corresponds to brand metrics and rules.

This AI-powered marketing software increases content quality so that it fulfills brand standards. This technology is used by large corporations such as Google and Amazon to ensure that all of their marketing content is consistent with their brand. You may customize the style, tone, grammar, and even the text. Its AI will review the content and make suggestions for improvement.

Price: (Monthly) $11.99 for Single Users / Custom Quote for Business and Scholar 

Best Feature:

Checks for basic grammar and spelling while keeping the writer’s voice intact.

InstaText, like Grammarly, is an online AI-powered writing tool. It performs fundamental duties such as grammar and spell checks, but it also rewrites texts to improve readability. Its most crucial characteristic is its ability to ensure that the writer’s tone and style are preserved despite the rewriting. This is critical for brands that wish to maintain their authentic voice across all channels of communication.

Another amazing feature of InstaText is the ability to specify numerous keywords. While you utilize the application, the keywords are preserved in their original form, saving you time when changing the copy.


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Sana Ghani is currently working as a content writer. She is hardworking and looks forward to providing the best quality content for her clients.