Top 10 UI UX Design Trends to Follow in 2022

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Top 10 UI UX Design Trends to Follow in 2022

Definitions of UI and UX Design

Nowadays, UI and UX terms are interchangeable. However, UI means User Interface, and the term UX refers to User Experience. User Experience Design (UXD) is defined as a process of interaction design to make a product easy to use, learnable and enjoyable. Similarly, User Interface Design (UID) is a process of designing; the visual or a front-end look of products and their functionality. Consequently, in web and apps development, the UX is used to attract visitors and traffic. The field of UI and UX is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, we have stockpiled a list of modern UI/UX trends to follow.

New UIUX trends to look out


1.      Dark Theme

Though it is not a new concept; however, many applications still lack a dark theme. The eyes feel easier when there is little or no light at night. Moreover, it helps to reduce battery drainage. Hence, every new app is released; with a dark mode.

2.      Mobile-first concept

The majority of people use smartphones for search. Similarly, to book hotels, travel, games, and other routine activities. The concept emerged to make a website or app responsive on mobile like desktops. Therefore, this concept is vital. Moreover, it helps to increase the interaction of clients and improve usability.

3.      Voice UI

An Interface activated by voice allows clients to interact with the app by speaking. Consequently, popular speech recognition tools like Google assistants, Alexa, and Siri are taking over the world. A vocal interface eliminated the need for typing. UX designers are striving hard with novel improvements and recurrent updates.

4.      Immersive 3D graphics

With UI/UX design concepts, users can get a different interactive experience. Similarly, incorporating 3D effects in the web and apps; ensure smoother animations, usability, and appearance. Moreover, 3D graphics in applications will also improve site traffic and customers.

5.      Tiny interactions

In this concept, to make a visual reality, objects on the screens are animated.  Thus making the on-screen seem alive. Similarly, the primary focus is on users. Therefore, we can call it human-oriented design. It provides the tiniest details to enlighten the interaction experience of a user.

6.      Icons

The icons are a significant trend in user experience design. It is better to select icons of the same type. ‘Font Awesome’ is an example of a popular icon library. The size, dimension, and colors of icons should match for a good appearance.

7.      Air Gesture Control

It is a mobile trend that contains gestures like displaying a palm to take a selfie in front camera. Similarly, we can do many things like waving hands or finger pinching without using a touchscreen on the phone.

8.      Speed Design

We all want a fast-loading experience design with high-speed internet. The added use of design elements slows down the performance. Therefore, this concept focuses on adding design elements with the lowest effects on performance. Hence, it prevents the increase in loading time.

9.      Identity Verification

This design concept ensures the security of an app. Consequently, long passwords containing numeric and special characters are easily forgettable. Therefore, we implement fingerprint and face detection to log in.

10.    Artificial Intelligence Design

The use of AI enhances User interface and experience Design to a new level providing personalized services online. It helps to collect and analyze data to provide a list of suggestions and content that is relevant and popular. Similarly, it can make a customized UX design according to the preference and interests of people.


Every bit invested in User Interface and User experience design brings 100% in return. Moreover, designers are not required to apply all design elements to web or app. However, you need to keep up to date with newer emerging trends to compete in the market.


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