Xbox One vs PS4 | The Ultimate Decision

//Xbox One vs PS4 | The Ultimate Decision

Xbox One vs PS4 | The Ultimate Decision


Xbox One vs PS4 | The Ultimate Decision

Xbox One or PS4? A question all next gen gamers, and even regular technology lovers have asked themselves at some point in the past, and a question that many will encounter in the future. Both are great platforms, both offer amazing quality, and both are expensive. But the call must be made. To see the complete list of every game system ever made, check this out!

Just at a glance, we can see the Xbox has a much simpler (box like) look. Now, compare that to the more futuristic style of the PS4 and all its angles. As of November 2016, the Xbox one ranges from $180-250. The Ps4 on the other hand ranges from $250-300. Personally, I chose the more user-friendly version in Microsoft’s Xbox one. It’s easier to navigate around, and it’s much cheaper. I also love the way the Xbox controller has a natural fit, and how easy it is for hands to adapt to it. But, if money is not an option, then here are key facts to keep in mind while shopping. There are plenty of GameStop’s nationwide, but here is a link if you would prefer to purchase online in the comforts of your home.

Processor Speed- Xbox One has a speed of 1.75Ghz, while the PS4 has a speed of only 1.6Ghz.

RAM- Both systems have 8GB of RAM overall.

Smoothness while operating- Both systems run at a smooth 60Fps.

Each console originally came with their own unique version of a motion tracker camera. However, Kinect is no longer included in the package. So, PlayStation stands alone in that category. The ability to go live while you’re gaming is a great edition to both consoles. Twitch among other applications, have brought forth an opportunity to take your gaming experience public, which both consoles offer.

Gaming livestream quality- Each system produces a clear and crisp quality of 720p HD.

Weight- The Xbox one has a weight of about 7.8lbs, and the PS4 weighs in much lighter at 6.17lbs. Increasing the weight usually increases the chances of overheating, and ultimately failure on rare occasions. Still, it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Market Content (Available Games to download or buy). The Xbox one has around 900 games that you can buy or download. Microsoft now has made available the option and ability to play games from the last gen console, (Xbox 360) on the current gen console (Xbox one) which is known as backward compatibility. I provided you a link that will give you a list of all the games that have ever came out for Xbox one, and the ones that are backwards compatible.

The PS4 has available 1100 games for your desired preference. Although they have a wider selection of games, you must pay a hefty price to have the backward compatible function. Here is a link to check out all the available games for this platform.!/en-us/all-ps4-games/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PS4ALLGAMESCATEG

Summary– Neither of these systems will let you down, and both will deliver an amazing experience, but once again, the call must be made.

Xbox One                                                      PlayStation 4

Cheaper                                                           Cost more

Faster Processor speed                                 Slower Processor speed       

Kinect no longer included                             Available motion camera

Backward compatible                                    You must pay in order enable this function    

Smaller selection of games                           Larger selection of games

8 Gb of ram                                                     8 Gb of ram


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