How to make a New Year calendar in MS Publisher 2010?

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How to make a New Year calendar in MS Publisher 2010?

Time is passing rapidly, and we are just a few days away from New Year. People usually buy calendars on this occasion of New Year. How about making your own Calendar this time? It sounds really cool and is easy to do so too. All you require to accomplish this task is Microsoft Publisher 2010.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 is a very powerful tool indeed. It has great functionality and is a user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, we are unaware of its concealed qualities or else we would have been doing most of our designing work on it. Most importantly, no creativity is required to make a New Calendar in MS Publisher 2010 as it has pre-installed templates that will help you achieve the goal easily.

So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these steps and make your own New Year Calendar for 2014:

  1. First of all, start MS Publisher 2010 and open up a new publication. While opening a new publication, under the option of Publications for Print, you will find Calendars. Just click on it and hundreds of pre-installed designs will appear for you to choose. Just choose one that seems appropriate.
  2. Now when you have finalized the design and would like to proceed, then on the right hand side, you find the option of Time frame. There, you have to choose the option one month per page or it will become messy for you to handle the calendar.
  3. Once you have chosen the option One month per page then you have to look a little bit down the page for the option of Set Calendar Dates. Clicking it will open a new window. This wizard will actually help you in creating the calendar.
  4. Now with the window appearing on your screen, you can set the Start Date and the End Date of your Calendar. It makes no difference; how long or short your Calendar is.
  5. Once you have entered the dates, click OK and your new Publication will get ready and you just need to fill it up with your own text, if desired.

It is pertinent to mention here that you can also create a New Calendar over an existing one. In that case, the Publisher will ask you after the last step that whether you would like to apply template to the current Publication or would you like to create a new Publication using your own text and graphics.

You see how easy it is to create a Calendar in MS Publisher 2010. Microsoft Publisher 2010 has got many more things in it and you should try to explore the deep sea of functionality on your own. However, to learn some more tricks, please visit the following:

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