To Share Or Not To Share With Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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To Share Or Not To Share With Microsoft SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is an endeavor of Microsoft to make sharing of information and other useful data among teams and groups of people in an organization / business office easier. Basically a platform for web based applications; MS SharePoint 2010 has shown more effectiveness in the field of document and content management. However, ever since its launch, SharePoint 2010 has undergone massive changes and has embraced superior technology and many other functions that make it more desirable to people at large. There are so many functions that SharePoint 2010 is meant to perform well and some of them can be named as intranet portals, extra-nets, websites and file management. Aiding collaboration spaces, social networking tools, business intelligence tooling etc can also be linked with it. There is though, a widespread degree of ambiguity regarding the utility of SharePoint 2010 that many don’t seem to grasp. More info on MS SharePoint 2010 can be found here:

Reasons To Share With MS SharePoint 2010:

There are many benefits of using SharePoint 2010. Improving team productivity is one among them. A team may require to access resources for a common goal, from almost anywhere in the world. Connecting users with what they need is what SharePoint 2010 does best. Sales teams can be mentioned as an example of the kind of groups that benefit from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 the most. Not only this, but the users can also create team work-space, coordinate calendars, receive important notifications, organize files and documents using the SharePoint 2010 server of the company. Integrity of the documents are however, not compromised in the process.

Now that we know that SharePoint 2010 does all this for people working for an organization, it is also necessary to remember that it tends to speed up the entire process. This has been facilitated further by provision of enhanced views and menus through which navigation gets simplified. MS SharePoint 2010 can be customized and this feature / characteristic is the one that makes sharing with SharePoint 2010 a wise decision to make. It can be tailored to suit the requirements of any business in particular. Administrative time and effort can be saved by including SharePoint 2010 within the system. Overall, it can be said that SharePoint 2010 tends to reduce any kind of complexity that can otherwise arise of the contemporary systems.

Reasons Not To Share with Share Point 2010:

The question here is . . . where do I start! There are many benefits to SharePoint 2010 ‘in print’. But actually experiencing the listed benefits can be far too difficult. So many complains and criticisms ever since it was introduced, has challenged the very existence of SharePoint 2010. Follow the link on SharePoint to read a Google book , and you will get a good idea of how to manage SharePoint 2010, no matter how good it claims to be it is! And why not! When in use, a person may encounter almost all sorts of problems, be it about anything from provisioning to testability (the very existence of which has often been questioned).

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