5 tips to make your LinkedIn Profile effective

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5 tips to make your LinkedIn Profile effective

What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a social media site which focuses on professional networking. With LinkedIn you can connect to other professionals in your social circle, along with million other users using this professional network to stay in touch. LinkedIn is meant to be used for exchanging knowledge, ideas and business opportunities. It has become quite popular and has helped individuals to connect with similar interest groups and with other people for business and job opportunities.
LinkedIn helps in promoting your professional profile online. It is a great way to maintain your professional image on social media and it allows to connect with old colleagues, as well as make new ones by joining groups and by asking others to connect with you online. A typical LinkedIn profile includes your education, experience, connections, groups, etc., and you can even include your resume, blog, and website all on it.

5 tips to make your LinkedIn profile effective

1. Profile Picture: This profile picture on LinkedIn is unlike any other profile picture you have on other social mediums. You should have a professional headshot as your LinkedIn profile photo since you will have prospective clients/employers viewing this picture. However, you can change your privacy settings so only your connections can see your photo.
2. The headline: The headline is the first thing any prospective business person is going to view. It does not have to be your job title, but a brief line that communicates what you do and what are your skill sets. For e.g. if you are a marketing professional it can be “Talented Marketing and Communications Professional”

3. Brief Summary: In this section LinkedIn, keep your professional summary rich and concise. It should briefly describe your professional experience and skill set and also what you aim to achieve. Use important details like the results you achieved which will give others an idea of what you can deliver.

4. Adding sections in your profile. With LinkedIn you can add several details about you, over and above your regular work experience. You can add your volunteer experience, foreign language skill, competencies, test scores etc. You can also ask your connections to write a brief recommendation about you that can help make your LinkedIn profile effective.

5. Make the right connections: On LinkedIn you do not have to know a person to make a connection with them. The more the connections you have, the more people you have access to which can help expose you to good opportunities in your career. Also connect with people who you think will benefit from connecting with you too.

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