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Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is a new technology that is growing quickly. It uses the rules of quantum mechanics to solve problems that are too difficult for traditional computers to handle. Today, IBM Quantum gives real quantum hardware to hundreds of thousands of developers. This is a tool that scientists only started to think about 30 years [...]

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Top Cloud Computing Services of 2021

The best cloud computing services enable businesses to undergo digital transformation in order to increase efficiency and lower costs. Cloud services have transformed computing, not least through IaaS, PaaS, and, most notably, SaaS, which have enabled businesses to develop virtualized IT infrastructure and deliver software via the cloud, regardless of a user's operating system. Even [...]

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Az-104 Create Custom RBAC Roles

What is RBAC? Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) is a system that provides fine-grained access management of Azure resources. Using Azure RBAC, you can segregate duties within your team and grant only the amount of access to users that they need to perform their jobs. Azure includes several built-in roles that you can use. The following are the [...]

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Moving to the Cloud: Advantages and Challenges of Cloud Migration

What is cloud migration? It’s the process by which data, applications, and other business components are moved to the cloud. Cloud migration involves transferring data and applications from an on-site data center to the cloud. Other forms of cloud migration include moving from one cloud platform to another and reverse cloud migration, which is when [...]

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Az-104: Azure Resource Manager and Management groups

What is Azure Resource Manager? Azure Resource Manager is the deployment and management service for Azure. It provides a management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure account. You use management features, like access control, locks, and tags, to secure and organize your resources after deployment. The following image shows the Azure Resource Manager role in handling Azure requests. 1.1 Azure Resource [...]

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Microsoft Azure for Beginners

What is cloud computing? A simple definition of Cloud computing is delivering different types of services over the internet such Compute, storage, network, databases etc.. For example, you have an health care organization that would require an infrastructure to run computer systems, databases and front-end application to enter patient details. To maintain all these, one [...]

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