Fundamentals of Cloud Computing; You Need to Learn in 2022

//Fundamentals of Cloud Computing; You Need to Learn in 2022

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing; You Need to Learn in 2022


Cloud Computing provides IT services and capabilities over the internet. Its typical capabilities are computing, storage, and database. Therefore, cloud computing is a solution based on the internet like electrical distribution on an electronic grid.  It is an on-demand service provider which includes database storage, computing power, applications, networking, etc. It takes care of the stored data. The Fundamentals of Cloud computing are as under.

Business Value

Cloud computing creates value by enabling other areas as well to be faster, efficient, and flexible. Microservices react faster on consumer needs to speed up deployments. It is a foundation that enables better and faster releases.

Relieving Cost

The main driver of cloud computing is cost. Once you go up in the cloud computing stack towards the value platforms, the cost output automatically increases. Relieving is two-fold.

Increased degree of automation

A non-cloud scenario can also increase automation but when you are on the cloud then the level, speed, and flexibility of automation are higher. With cloud automation, you can focus on your priorities.

Creating new ways

Cloud is the foundation for creating new ways whether through innovation or by combining the existing materials in a new way to get cloud business benefits. Cloud has created the opportunity to use loT, AI, ML, Analytics, etc. for example, High-Performance Computing (HPC) was before the cloud but there was the problem of capacity and the risk that your investment can be outdated at any time.

Service Models

There are three main types of Cloud Service Models that are provided to the customers’ service.

     SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS is a software application service managed by the cloud service provider to the users. These are web applications or mobile apps which can be accessed through web browsers. In this model, the administrative authority controls the cloud application.

Moreover, it has users connect to the internet and use apps over it based on the cloud. For example, Gmail is an example of SaaS, in which we are users and Google is the provider. Any device can access it with a network connection. SaaS applications can be accessed through web browsers.

Benefits of Using SaaS

  1. SaaS does not need organizations to install and runs applications on their computers or data centers.
  2. Flexible Payments.
  3. SaaS removes the need to install software and hardware to support it. SaaS offerings can be terminated at any time to stop the recurring costs.
  4. Automatic Usage.
  5. Instead of purchasing new software, SaaS provides automatic updates which also reduces the cost of IT staff.

      PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS is a software and application. The cloud service provider provides and manages the software platform. The apps running on the platform and the data app are manipulated by the user. A shared cloud platform is provided by PaaS for application development and management. PaaS components are the development environment, programming languages, compilers, testing, and development mechanisms.

     IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

IaaS is a cloud service provider which manages the servers, network, virtualization, and data storage via internet connection. IaaS is a deployment model of cloud storage providers. IaaS is virtual computers, cloud storage, and configuration services. IaaS is very useful for any newly established organization to launch any application or website.


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