Top 10 Reasons To Learn JavaScript In 2022

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Top 10 Reasons To Learn JavaScript In 2022

Making a decision might be challenging for one of two reasons: either there aren’t enough possibilities, or there are too many. There are an abundance of programming languages available, which might lead to mental stagnation. Python, Java, JavaScript, C/CPP, PHP, Swift, C#, Ruby, Objective-C, and SQL are just a few of the languages that can be used. What criteria are you using to make your decision?

Now, keep in mind that there is no such thing as learning too many languages in the world of programming. A programmer who is fluent in several languages is one who is very marketable and in great demand. Upskilling is usually a wise decision.

But you have to start somewhere, and that should be with one of the more widely used languages, one whose demand is increasing at an unheard-of rate and that is JavaScript!

In this article we will tell you about why you should learn JavaScript and what exactly is JavaScript.

What Exactly is JavaScript?

JavaScript, developed by Netscape Communications and not to be confused with Java, had its debut in 1995. According to its creators, it is a “scripting or programming language that enables the implementation of complicated tasks on web pages.” Web pages that use JavaScript are more interactive and dynamic and react to user input. Or, to put it another way, JavaScript adds interactivity to web pages.

LiveScript, the previous name of JavaScript, was changed to JavaScript in order to capitalize on Java’s popularity. It may be stated that the more recent language joined the rising star and rode along for the ride, gaining a sizable following in the process.

So let’s look at 10 good reasons to learn JavaScript with this in mind.

  • It is the most widely used programming language

Possibly the most important reason is where we start our list. The most common programming language currently used among expert developers is JavaScript, according to JavaScript is frequently chosen by web developers, including back-end developers.

  • It’s in your browser

Without a doubt, JavaScript serves as the internet’s default language. Your browser serves as ample evidence because it was most likely created using JavaScript. It is clear why JavaScript is so important given that browsers are an essential component of any user’s online experience.

  • JavaScript is also used offline, not just online

Beyond its conventional online duties, JavaScript has a wide range of uses. To mention a few functions, it powers smart TVs, collaborates with the internet of things (IoT), develops native iOS and Android apps, and makes cross-platform desktop software.

  • Beginners should use JavaScript

Since JavaScript is currently pre-installed on all current web browsers, it spares beginner programmers the hassle of setting up a development environment. Coding can be started right away by newcomers. A plus for beginners, is that it’s one of the easiest ways to get started with coding. Large online communities that provide assistance and advice are also available.

Additionally, JavaScript is a great tool for beginner programmers who want to diversify their knowledge of programming by learning other languages. Programming techniques like imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming are supported by JavaScript. Developers who are just starting out can use these techniques to learn any new language they choose, including Python, Java, or C++.

  • JavaScript is simple to learn

JavaScript is not only a simple language to use, but it’s also simple to learn. JavaScript simplifies complex details into abstracts, making things simpler for beginners. In contrast to higher-level languages, JavaScript appears more like a natural language.

  • You are able to produce visual effects and other appealing aesthetic features

Building a web page is one thing; creating a visually appealing page that grabs users’ attention and promotes interaction is another. Because JavaScript is so flexible, it’s simple to incorporate exciting design features like animation, interactive maps, and scrolling video. Organizations and businesses seek web designers that can create pages that are not only technically sound but also attractive to visitors. You can deliver if you know JavaScript.

  • JavaScript is Flexible

JavaScript allows programmers to control every part of app design, making it far from a one-trick pony. Are you interested in front-end (user-side) coding? You can use Angular in conjunction with it. Are you more interested in the back-end (server-side)? You can also achieve that if you use Node.js in the mix.

Electron, React Native, and React may all be used to construct desktop, mobile, and online apps. JavaScript will also be helpful if you’re interested in machine learning.

  • Cloud and Big Data are likewise Affected by JavaScript

On today’s internet, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the actual standard for data transfers. In NoSQL databases, records are stored in JSON documents, which work well with any programming language but particularly well with JavaScript.

Additionally, more programmers are using Node.js to create cloud-based applications, which is a highly in demand market.

  • A Helpful Tool for Video Game Designers

Games are a significant industry today, and programmers who are familiar with JavaScript are at an advantage. The language is ideal for game creators because of its power, variety, and simplicity in producing visual effects.

  • The Career Potential is Soaring

The demand for developers who are proficient in the more well-known programming languages has increased as more companies and organizations are going digital. That is JavaScript, as we’ve already mentioned.

You should learn JavaScript if you want to become a programmer who can always count on having a secure profession and being well paid for it.


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Sana Ghani is currently working as a content writer. She is hardworking and looks forward to providing the best quality content for her clients.