Prevailing design trends for small business websites

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Prevailing design trends for small business websites

Revamping and redevelopment of small businesses can prove a little too costly but keeping their website design updated and fresh is not only easy but can also serve as a pioneer tool for marketing. With rapidly changing world and the technology monster at its forefront, modifying your website design and development becomes a necessity and you should look for an elegant and accessible design for web users and even for people who are viewing them via smart phones.

Firstly, you should keep the usage of Flash to a bare minimum for website design because it is not accessible on most of the cell phones that are in use today. It becomes very frustrating for a customer visiting your site when he is unable to access important areas of the site. This actually results in the loss of potential and valuable customers. Try providing a non – Flash version of the web site content for mobile browsers. You can look to engage in a rich and varied (which should still go together and not look tacky) typography.

Typography is a significant part of any web style layout and with different fonts available out there at cheap prices and even free at times; you can utilize them to your advantage. The wire frame of the site should be general and the layout must fit in the screen size. Thus, look to create a mobile optimized web site design which will allow your website to load much faster on mobiles and will be more easily viewable and will attract customers who are viewing it on their phones. With the world turning its focus towards mobile browsing which is simpler, easier and can be done on the go in a fast paced world; you should make sure that these website designs cater to mobile phones needs.

Try using HTML5 which is the latest version of HTML for building new website design as well as CSS3 which is the most recently developed version of cascaded style sheets. HTML5 and CSS3 have features that can replace Flash along with other plug-ins. A layout that is very popular amongst developers and supports browsers is the magazine layout of the website which proves to be more appealing. Thus, your web pages should be easy to navigate, have larger images, brief and short messages with sub-headings and appealing content. Try and put your message forward in fewer words.

Social media icons such as that of Facebook and Twitter always help and thus, make your website popular amongst peers. Last but not the least, colours and contrasts proves to be an important factor and therefore, look to use professional colours for business website design and more, vibrating colours can be brought in with the use of images and graphics.

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