Introduction to Augmented Reality in 2023

//Introduction to Augmented Reality in 2023

Introduction to Augmented Reality in 2023


Immersive technologies comprising virtual reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality is among the fastest growing and fascinating technologies. Immersive technology creates or extends reality. It is done by immersing the user in a digital environment with applications in different domains. This technology is gaining momentum with every passing day and is transforming and helping us reimagine the future. Moreover, augmented reality means overlaying digital images onto the real world to enhance them with digital details.

Augmented Reality Pokemon go Game

The world is advancing faster than it has ever before. It is hard to keep up with day-to-day technological advancement, so at any given time, there are a plethora of new technologies to keep your eye on. Augmented reality is an enhanced version of the actual physical world that is achieved through digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality vs Mixed Reality

Let’s talk about what Virtual Reality is. Virtual reality replaces your world with a virtual world. Used in headsets, sometimes combined with physical shapes or multi-projected environments to generate realistic images. Facebook’s Oculus, Samsung gear and google cardboard are all VR devices. Augmented reality is a direct or indirect view of the physical world—an environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory. Augmented reality supplements your real world with digital objects of any sort. Airline pilot helmets that display data within the pilot’s view as they fly are augmented headsets.

Mixed reality is referred to as hybrid reality sometimes. Mixed reality produces new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real life. Somewhere between AR and VR, Mixed Reality exists. Mixed reality occurs in the physical or virtual world and mixes actual and virtual realities. Therefore, together the three types of reality are transforming architecture engineering and construction industry workflow

AR and Today’s world

let’s think about Pokémon go. We look through our smartphones at the world around us. We get superimposed with these digital characters made on the screen or the way we use Snapchat filters to augment our looks. For example, we use bunny ears for our social media photos. Just google famous dinosaurs like a tyrannosaurus. You can now use your phone to superimpose it using AR into your room to look around to see it on an absolute scale. Today you can use augmented reality to try on different types of makeup. You can place IKEA furniture in your house or even try different shades of DULUX paint on your walls via your smart device powered by AR.

How to utilize AR

The immersed experience of augmented reality is not limited to social media apps or mobile games; Today, AR is a highly sought-after technology in many fields, particularly education. Customized AR apps can offer the best training experience in classrooms, medical procedure rooms, military cameras, or manufacturing assemblies. AR doesn’t require buying bulk headsets or devices. With your mobile phone and camera, you can enjoy the immersive AR experience. So how does augmented reality benefits the digital learning experience? It’s said that the human brain processes visuals 60000 times faster than takes 90% of information transmitted to the brain from our senses happen to be visual. For example, a theoretical lecture on human anatomy is less effective than a 3d modelling powered by an AR application.

AR Applications

AR applications in classrooms can improve the learning experience, simplify complex concepts, enhance student engagement and motivate learners, manufacturers and automotive companies to use AR to optimize industrial work. Training Augmented reality can let employees get hands-on practice and provide a safe self-learning environment, and support novice remote workers on the field. Augmented reality has eliminated the time and location barriers that constrain learning. With custom application development companies like fingers, you can experience the endless scope of AR in education.

Uses of AR

There are many augmented reality use cases we’ll see in the future like in:

  • Education
  • Appliances, furniture and other tangible products
  • Clothing and fashion
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Metaverse Creation
  • Easy outdoor and indoor navigation
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive Industry
  • Immersive Sports Events


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