The Rise of Cyber Crime After 2021

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The Rise of Cyber Crime After 2021

Introduction to Cyber Crime

Any criminal activity which involves the use of computers, networks, or a device is called Cyber Crime. The primary objective of most criminals is to get profit. Meanwhile, hackers can attack, damage, or disable some devices. Similarly, there is a utilization of networks or computers – to spread ransomware, malware, fake information, or images. Cyber Crime is to steal financial data, internet frauds, and email manipulation. There’s been a rise in computer crimes since the start of the corona pandemic. During the pandemic, most of the businesses shifted to online processing. Hence, making them vulnerable to hacking.

Learn about the prevention of Cyber Crimes

An experienced developer or someone with similar expertise can become a Cybercriminal. To further decrease the chances of prosecution or detection, they often work in States with absent or weak cybercriminal regulations.

Categories of Cyber Crime

As specified above, there are multiple diverse types of Cyber Crime. Consequently, most computer crimes have the expectation of financial profit by the attackers. Some of their distinct types include:

Cyber surveillance 

A crime involving a cybercriminal – whacking into networks or systems obtaining access to classified data held by an organization or government. Interventions may be motivated by ideology or profits. Moreover, activities might include every sort of electronic attack to modify, destroy or collect data. Similarly, they can use network-linked devices, like CCTV cameras or web cameras, to spy on a particular person or group. Hence, observing communications, including text messages, instant messages, and emails.

Digital blackmailing

A crime containing a threat or attack joined with an order for money to end the drive. One mode of blackmailing is a ransomware attack. Here, the intruder obtains passage to a system and encrypts its files and documents or anything valuable to the Company. Therefore, causing the data to remain inaccessible until the delivery of ransom. Similarly, the ransom is in the form of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or bitcoin.

Identity theft

An attack happens when a person enters a computer to gather the victim’s personal information. Afterward, they use the data to obtain the user’s identity or gain worthwhile accounts, such as credit cards and banking information. Similarly, hackers purchase and trade identity data on dark web markets. They provide monetary details, audio, video streaming, video processing services, online auctions, webmail, etc. Moreover, individual health data is another common target for identity hackers.


An offense that employs scripts of codes or commands to mine cryptocurrencies inside browsers without the user’s permission. Similarly, Crypto-jacking attacks may include storing cryptocurrency drilling software in the system of its victims. However, several onsets depend on JavaScript. Hence, the code makes in-browser drilling if the victim’s browser has a window or tab open on the malicious website. Consequently, loading the modified page executes the mining code embedded in the browser.

Software piracy

This intrusion involves illegal copying, sharing, and utilization of software applications; with the aim of personal or commercial use. Copyright breaches, patent infringements, and trademark infractions are similar to this type of Cyber Crime.

Exit scam

The dark web has proffered surge to the digital version of an old crime known as the exit scam. Nowadays, managers of the dark web redirect virtual money held in escrow accounts of the marketplace to their financial pieces of information.

Commercial data scam: 

This type of intervention happens when Cybercriminals infiltrate into local systems to gain banking information of their clients via cyber hacking. Consequently, stolen credit cards are purchased and sold in dark net stores. Similarly, cyber hacking societies keep mass loads of credit card gains. They achieve this by trading to a lower-level criminal who benefits through the scam against personal accounts.


Ultimately, it is not feasible to entirely exterminate Cyber Crime and guarantee total internet security. However, businesses can overcome their susceptibility to it by sustaining an effective cyber security plan.


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