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Top features of Windows 11


Windows 11 is Microsoft Windows NT’s latest operating system. Released in October 2021 surprisingly doesn’t have any significant differences if Windows 11 and Windows 10 are to be considered, except for some minor modifications. Discussed below, in this blog, are some prominent features of MS Windows 11.

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The new Start Menu

Win 11 Start Menu

In Windows 10, the Start menu was on the left side of the screen. In all-new Microsoft Windows 11, it is present just above the bottom center. Similarly, it’s compact in size and consists of precise features with changing display information. More convenient and organized, it provides us with functions such as unpinning apps, running as an administrator, opening file location, uninstalling, app settings, and even an option for rating and reviewing, along with many other functions. Moreover, the all-new floating style start menu is the most unique and next-level desktop design. Therefore, with the all-new AI improvements, it recommends you, your apps, documents, and images considering your point of interest.

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Using Search


Win 11 Search Bar

On clicking the search button, a rectangular pane pops up. It displays three areas beneath the tabs: Top apps, a row of icons for frequently used apps, apps used recently, quick searches, and a list of generic searches.



Win 11 Widgets

A Widgets button has recently been added to the Windows 11 Taskbar. Meanwhile, upon clicking this button, a transparent panel slides out from the left side of the screen with multiple widgets displaying weather, news, calendar, to-do list, and recent photos. Moreover, these widgets can be added, removed, or modified.


Built-in Microsoft Teams

Win 11 Teams

With the rise in the global pandemic, all businesses, schools, and college classes shifted from physical to online modes of study, this situation led to Online meeting apps coming in handy. Moreover, windows, 11 introduced Microsoft Teams within its built-in taskbar. Therefore, it is a business communication platform that lets you text or calls any of your acquaintances through Windows, Mac, or Android.


Virtual Desktop

Win 11 Virtual Desktops

Windows 11 has improved the feature of creating Virtual Desktops, which was originally introduced by Windows 10. Now, the desktops are easier to create and manage, and they can also be improved with diverse and different wallpapers.


New Microsoft Store

Win 11 Store

The new Microsoft Store is considered a stand-out feature of Windows 11 as it has become much better and faster. It’s also easier to locate the apps, along with the content and reviews relevant to them. Similarly, many famous apps like Discord, Zoom, and Adobe Acrobat have already been introduced in the store.


Improved Gaming

Win 11 Gaming

As compared to the previous Windows, Windows 11 contains certain features which make it a better gaming operating system because it supports Direct Storage, Auto HDR, and DirectX 12 Ultimate. Therefore, these help in improving the load time, color, and brightness of games, and overall help in providing a better gaming experience.


Snap Layouts

Win 11 Snap Layout

This new feature was added in Windows 11 that lets you arrange your workload that is you can easily arrange different layouts on the screen. A similar feature is the Snap Groups. They are the set of windows you opened and saved in snap layouts.


New Action Center

Win 11 Security

With many more new features, Windows 11 introduces a new and redesigned Action Center. Therefore, it is most likely similar to those of mobile operating systems that we have already seen. Moreover, it contains all the necessary controls from volume control to brightness. Similarly, Bluetooth is now much faster when it comes to connectivity.


Android Apps Support

Win 11 Android Apps Support

The most important and major feature of windows 11 includes its ability to run android apps, YES! Windows 11 can now run Android apps through it just in the beta versions but still, it will be a quite important feature. Therefore, taking into consideration the fact that Windows 11 can let us have a sideload of APKs is quite amazing.


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