What will be the trend of graphic design in 2021 after the Pandemic?

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What will be the trend of graphic design in 2021 after the Pandemic?

Do you think graphic design trends have changed since the pandemic? Yes. As people stayed and worked at home, the demand for online business suddenly increased. Naturally, the role of digital design has become very important. Whoever stood out first visually online became a factor in the increase in sales.



Graphic design trends in 2021

Graphic design trends in 2021 are largely classified into four categories.

  1. Customized illustrations will be popular. In particular, when companies create advertisements or visual images, they will express their own identity with unique illustrations. There are already many illustrations of stock images on the market. But already our eyes are getting used to it a lot, and we get bored. That is why a customized illustration is needed for effective graphic design. If you want to use illustrator pen tool to draw customized illustrator:  check out pen tool in illustrator 
  2.  The second is the increasing use of motion graphics and animated logos. It was also one of the representative graphic design trends in 2020. Still images can no longer attract people’s attention. Until now, motion graphics were only meant to attract attention, but from now on, each one contains meaning and has hidden intentions. As for corporate logos, animated logos rather than 2d will become the trend, and people will remember the image of the company more easily with this motion. Another hint is that animated images that mix 2d and 3d will be used a lot on websites.
  3.  Another category for graphic design is an approach towards natural and organic friendly. This may be specific to product graphic design or package design. Amid climate change and the coronavirus crisis, there is a boom of eco-friendly products around the world. This type of approach in graphic design can appeal sufficiently in the field of e-commerce business not only in offline clothing, accessories, and grocery items, but also digitally. Natural- Inspired Design
  4.  Finally, the continued use of vivid gradients will enhance graphic design in 2021. Looking at the graphic trend these days, text, subtitles, YouTube thumbnails, web banner designs, and web design backgrounds all contain gradients. What is a gradient? In other words, it is color transitions, and one color gradually blends with the other. Gradients can be blended with similar colors or completely different color tones. If you definitely want to pop out dramatically, I recommend a gradient with a contrast neon color tone. But why are gradients so popular from years ago to now? Because it is so eye-catching and attention grabbing. Creating cool effects in adobe Photoshop using gradient masks

In addition Graphical design should be a meaningful design that meets the values ​​that match the company and product. Furthermore, it can be upgraded further by grasping the psychology of customers and using appropriate colors. The customized illustration, animated logo and motion graphic, vivid gradient. and the nature friendly design we looked at above are already striving to come by your side.

About author: Carrie Yim is a web and graphic designer in Dallas, Texas. In her free time, she likes to take a walk to nature preserve trails with her dog.  (www.thelimecreative.com)

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