What is Google Drive and why do I care?

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What is Google Drive and why do I care?

Google Drive is an application within google. Here is the address.


Basically Google Drive It is used to store files and saved work, and users can also store images and videos. You can use Google drive to share not only documents, but PowerPoints, Sheets, and PDFs. You can have up to 15 GB of google docs for free. Yes for FREE. Google Drive lets you work mainly with 3 types of documents.

  1. Google Docs     >    Word Processing similar to Microsoft Word
  2. Google Slides   >    Presentations like Microsoft PowerPoint
  3. Google Sheets  >    Number crunching like Microsoft excel

One of the reasons Google Drive is so popular is because you can communicate with other users and collaborate on your projects. This is Huge! People can work together on documents by sharing through G drive. The way to do this is to “share” your files and documents. This means you add people to whatever you’ve created by their email, and then choose whether they can edit, comment on, or simply just view the document. You can see what others have shared with you by going to the main menu on Drive, and clicking “Shared with me”. Everything will be laid out as this app is extremely easy to use.

Sharing Options via Desktop

Your document will have an option that says “Share & Export” and when you click that you can add people. The following screen will show up and you simply type someone’s email and select what that user will be able to do. Other way to do it is via URL (Uniform Resource Locator). This will give you a unique web address, which when entered on a browser will  take you a specific document. You can even control if the target user can just view it (Read) or Edit it (Read/Write).

An example of this is below:


Here is a tutorial for Google Drive :


Google Drive is a part of G Suite. What is G Suite? It is Google’s monthly service offering for businesses, companies and organizations. As part of G Suite plans, Google Drive offers unlimited storage, advanced features, enhanced admin controls, and greater collaboration tools for teams. As of March 2017, Google Drive has 800 million consumers, and as of September 2015, it has over one million companies. As of May 2017, there are over two trillion files stored on the service.

Google Drive Overlay

Finally, you can do the following:

Sign up for a Google Account

Learn how to Create a Presentation Using Google Slides

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